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If your heating system has poor circulation, if your radiators have cold spots or if the boiler is noisy, your system will benefit from a power flush.


Power flushing your central heating system reduces the amount of sludge, or ‘magnatite’, in your system; when combined with a magnetic filter, such as Magnaclean®, it can protect your system’s components, such as pumps, valves and the boiler itself, for years to come. It will also help with the efficiency and performance of the boiler and reduce running costs.


Prior to the power flush, we chemically treat your system for up to four weeks. This allows the chemicals to circulate through the working parts of your system and aids the removal of the sludge. For badly fouled systems we may allow more time.


Trained NYPD operatives then perform the next process, the power flush. We connect our power flushing pump & Magnacleanse® system filter and/or use the system's pump and Magnaclean®. We agitate each radiator individually. Once this process is complete (usually taking one day), we drain your system, remove the cleaning chemicals and add an inhibitor.


We’ll then run your heating system to temperature and check all components to ensure everything is operating correctly, leaving you with a cleaner, more efficient and warmer home.


Central heating power flushing

Benefits of a power flush include:


  • Increased efficiency: the more ‘magnatite’ we remove, the greater the improvement in efficiency

  • System reliability: cleaner systems break down less frequently, as no sludge means no blockages and there’s less wear and tear on parts

  • Increased system life: boilers, pumps, radiator valves and radiators last much longer if your system is clean and has the correct levels of inhibitor

  • Leaks and leak damage: low levels of inhibitor in the system can cause the radiators to rust, and eventually start leaking, causing flood damage and inviting a repair bill

  • Savings: you will save money, both through not having breakdowns and through the increased efficiency of your system


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